Falcon Burner


Falcon burner is manufactured using aviation quality materials. Top quality parts and attention to maintenance details have been the base to develop a simple but powerful hot air balloon burner


Modules are independent, thus enabling an easy inspection, replacement, and identification of possible malfunctions.


The magic of burner, in the palm of your hand. Small is the new powerful


Small is the new powerful

Factory Headline

Falcon Burners are available in double, triple and quad designs with a choice of coil and pilot light configurations. The Falcon double burner range is the perfect choice for all balloon operations, from solo flying to sports ballooning and commercial operating. Right from the outset the designers of the Falcon considered performance, aesthetics, reliability, and ease of maintenance in equal measure, and have succeeded in creating one of the most reliable and beautiful burners available on the market today. Anodized mono bloc and handle available in a variety of colors.

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Falcon Double

Envelope Size Range:

56,000 - 210,000 cu ft

Falcon Triple

Envelope Size Range:

210,000 - 335,000 cu ft

Falcon Quad

Envelope Size Range:

330,000 - 650,000 cu ft



The magic of burner, in the palm of your hand. Small is the new powerful

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